Life Update

Why I have not been updating I have not been able to update since August. If one has been following my posting then they know that I am back in school, at Drake University. I have decided to take a full course load of 18 credits. So far it has not …

Eclipse 2017

Setting up Like all photographers in the Path of Totality, I was going to set up early but then I realized I was dealing with celestial bodies that move and if I put my tripod in place even 30 minutes before the sun and the moon would be on the …

4th of July 2017 photos

4th of July

I hope everyone in the US had a safe and happy Fourth of July. I managed to convince my family that we should shoot off fireworks and then made my brother light them all so I could take pictures (the ones below). Even though I didn’t have a tripod or a remote release I think they turned out rather well. I will be placing them accordingly mostly on the landscape page but there are three pictures of my brother watching fireworks that will get placed on the people page.

More photos to come soon. Make sure to check out my Instagram for photos, not on my site (generally because they were taken with my phone or by another person).