Interesting Times 2

I have been stuck at the house now for about a month. Well almost, I have managed to create the routine of going for two walks a day with my dog. And I do pick up the groceries for my family. I don’t go in the store, it’s the drive-up pick-up option.

My family is worried. But we are trying to act smart and keeping everything clean, washing our hands, and whatnot. And so far we are fine. I have started trying to work out from home to keep fit.

I’ve figured out my schedule with work and class both being remote. It has worked well so far but it is a relief that classes are winding down. I hope to get some research accomplished over the summer. And I am currently looking for a remote internship, hopefully with archiving.

Anyway, I have decided which classes I will take in the fall. I will be attempting to take hist 950 — it’s basically where you are put through the paces of writing a full-out research paper that should have the potential to publish. My goal is to craft a paper that looks at human rights and the history of sexuality. Perhaps something with bodily autonomy. I will also be taking Post World War Two America. And I am hoping to take critical feminist theories, I am on the waitlist for that though.

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