Interesting Times

On March 12, 2020, UNL announced that everything would be moved to remote learning. Which will be interesting.

As a Grad Student who is mostly in discussion-based courses, I am not that concerned. I have one or two big projects left to turn in but otherwise, most of my due date was actually March 9th. Just a few days ago, so I guess this has worked out nicely for me. I do feel bad for all those who have labs or physical components like pottery that have to figure out how to do physical learning remotely.

Another nice thing is that my work with the CDRH can continue. The Center was very quick in getting everyone enabled to work remotely. I’ll have to think over my schedule and see what works best now that I will be home all the time.

Oh yes, I have decided to attempt to pursue a specialization in Women and Gender Studies. After taking, the History of Sexuality in the 19th and 20th century I have realized that is what I want to study. It is simply fascinating to me, and I believe it will create a unique niche for me to look at the history of human rights with the United States and sexuality.

In any event I anticipate an okay, if somewhat worried end to my first year as a graduate student. I think coursework will go fine, it will be everything else that might be stressful.

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