Alexis Cruz

Draws inspiration from the Past to Produce the Future

It seems like I started Drake University’s Undergrad forever ago. But now I have one month left and I will be grading with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History and a Bachelor’s of Journalism and Mass Communication in Digital Media Production. I have already completed my minor in Computer Science and am on my way to completing my minor in Spanish this last semester.

What all that means is that I can research, have a great understanding of technology with a proficiency in internet-based web design, and I can understand a second language.

I look forward to utilizing these skills as I continue my journey back home in Lincoln, Nebraska. I would like to announce that I have been accepted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I will be completing my master’s in history with a specialization in digital history.

This means I will attempt to utilize my skills and knowledge of digital media to aid in understanding historical happenings. I hope to produce work that is much more accessible to learners of history. I want to bring life to current histories.

As I wrap up here at Drake I am excited for the new possibilities the future presents.

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