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New Beginnings

I am now currently a Graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I am in the process of earning my Masters in History. I am also pursuing a specialization in Digital Humanities. With this next step, I have also begun a Graduate Assistantship with the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities where I work on encoding files for the …

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One Month to go

It seems like I started Drake University’s Undergrad forever ago. But now I have one month left and I will be grading with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History and a Bachelor’s of Journalism and Mass Communication in Digital Media Production. I have already completed my minor in Computer Science and am on my way …

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Radio Show

Pre-Production I am announcing that I will be doing a radio show pretty much every Wednesday from Now (2-21) to the end of the semester (5-2) or (5-9). For these first two weeks, I will be using the music pre-programmed into the system. After that it is off the rails time I will be doing …

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