Beginning of Summer 2018

Beginning of Summer 2018

End of Junior Year

The end of my junior year of college has officially come to a close. It was a wild ride. Taking 18 credits both semester and working three jobs on campus while trying to be involved was quite a challenge. But, tight now it looks like I will be finishing off the year on a high note grade wise.

The high note was definitely winning the Engaged Citizen Award from the History department; as well as earning the Frank Miller Scholarship from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

What I’ll Be Doing

I have ultimately decided to remain in Des Moines this Summer to continue to expand my horizons and figure out what I want to ultimately do with my life. And I’ll be hopefully, updating this website quite frequently.


I have decided to remain with the Archives on Drake’s campus this summer on a part time basis. This past semester I was able to complete the processing of the Magazine Center Materials under the School of Journalism collection. As well as finish off the processing of the Dorman Hundling Silent Film Sheet Music Archive 1896-1928. As I approach my senior year, I have been upgraded in the content I handle. This summer I will begin working with the Drake University Presidents’ Papers Collection. It is a huge collection that is not yet open to the public but will be hopefully soon.

Iowa Public Television

What is even more exciting news is that I have taken an internship with Iowa Public Television as a part of their production crew. It looks like I will be working both on set, in the control room, and on remote location shoots. So far I know I will be helping out with the shows Iowa Press and Market to Market.

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