I am announcing that I will be doing a radio show pretty much every Wednesday from Now (2-21) to the end of the semester (5-2) or (5-9). For these first two weeks, I will be using the music pre-programmed into the system. After that it is off the rails time I will be doing a specialty show. I haven’t yet decided what I will be doing exactly but I am leaning towards a show to do with film scores. I am very grateful to my professor Todd Evans. During the class period before my radio show, he took the whole class into the booth to make sure we did not have any questions or concerns. He even gave us a sheet of what to do in order to prep for our show and what to do during the show.

You can listen live here.


Production went alright. Once again I have to give a shout out to my professor. That sheet we were given with the helpful hints kept me on track and focused. Actually running the show was not so bad, the software was easy once I got used to it after the first thirty minutes. Otherwise what this really taught me was that even when I write out the air breaks that I need to be more confident when I say them. I think my nerves got the best of me. Other than forgetting to close the mic once or twice I think the show went pretty well for my first time.


Now that I have a feel for what exactly is expected of me when on air, for these first few weeks at least, I think this has the potential to be fun. Gerald Tetzlaff, a friend, and way more experienced DJ had the chance to listen and he told me that I sounded good for my first time. So I feel that I can say that this first show was a success.

I know that I will learn a lot and at the most, I might even decide that I wouldn’t mind doing radio for a career.

Once I get my specialty show planned out I’ll throw up the link to listen to the show again. Remember I’m on Wednesdays at 3pm Central time.


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