End Fall 2017 – Looking Back

I officially ended my Junior year Fall semester this week. It was quite a ride, 18 Credits, 3 part-time Jobs, and a new position on Campus.


Overall my classes went fairly well. I ended up with As and A-s and one B+. My GPA stayed the same at a 3.81. I enjoyed what I did this semester.

The Class I liked the Most: Website Technology. It was a fun class and I learned a lot. And I got to code a website for an actual client.

The Class I liked the Least: Grief and Loss. It’s not that it wasn’t a good class but the content was emotionally heavy.

Favorite thing I did: Besides coding websites, I was in a Video Production Class. Our final for this class was to do a partially live 30-minute production.  For this, I was able to submit a video I had done and act as assistant director. It was a great experience.


Coming into the school year I already worked for the Event Crew and the Archives. Over the Summer I contacted the head of Video production crew for Drake Athletic Marketing and asked if I could join the crew. I was let on and the experience I’ve gotten in live sports production has been great. I have run a camera, audio, and show control mainly for Football and Basketball. I know that it has helped me with my skills as a video producer and content creator.

On Campus

I retained my position as publicity chair on the Honors Council. I do have a first-year who wants to help and eventually run publicity so I will be helping/mentoring her along the way for my last year.

I came into the position of co-president of Drake’s Phi Alpha Theta chapter. We were in charge of establishing the chapter once again. It had fallen off in the previous years. Overall we have been successful. We were able to recruit 7/8 members in this first semester. And two of us, I and our vice president Micheal Brynda have been accepted to the annual Phi Alpha Theta midwest history Conference. We both will be presenting papers in March on the Civil War.

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