A little over the midpoint of the Semester update

Fall 2017

It is a little over the midpoint of the semester and I’m realizing how busy I’ve been.

18 credits. 3 on-campus jobs. 2 organizations with executive positions.

That’s just by the numbers.

But I do like what I am doing and I do have a passion however it is time-consuming. And it has made me realize that sometimes I need to take a break. Taking time to self-care is a good thing.

At first, I was never busy enough to worry about it but now I realize that I need to be. That even when I’m not busy I need to take a minute and reflect.

I have found that I really enjoy baking. And that when I’m stressed it helps to be able to throw a few things together and create something.

So remember to take a break if you need it and then move forward.

That is not to say that I do not like my classes. I love them. They are interesting and I am learning a lot. For example, in my Website Technology class we have been designing a website for Creative Family Therapies of Iowa.  It is a work in progress but this is our first full deliverable to the client. Another instance is that my youtube account now has a lot more videos for my reel.

Spring 2018

Something else to note is that I have chosen my classes for the coming semester. Below is a screenshot of my schedule.

It will be another 18 credit semester and much of what I am doing will stay the same. But now that I know what it is like I am fundamentally better equipped to handle it this coming semester.

Classes I’m most excited for: History of Modern Mexico, History of Colonial Latin America, and Media Law and Ethics.

Classes I’m nervous for: Spanish and Advanced Audio Production


Other thoughts

It is weird to think that after next semester I will be entering into my final year of college and then going on to the ‘real’ world. I do think that my experiences have equipped me to a certain degree and I am ready to take on whatever life throws at me. It’ll be another great adventure.

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