Life Update

Why I have not been updating

I have not been able to update since August. If one has been following my posting then they know that I am back in school, at Drake University. I have decided to take a full course load of 18 credits. So far it has not been so bad but it is one of the reasons why I have not been updating. The rest was due to my computer malfunctioning for the first two weeks of school. Let me tell you that was an experience – not being able to access the WiFi shows you how much you use it.

Life Update

Since returning to school I have been able to take on another job on campus. It is however geared more towards my future career. I have been able to take on a job with the production crew as apart of the athletic marketing department. What this means is that depending on where I am working I could also be working for ESPN-3. Which is pretty cool. So far I’ve been involved in camera work and graphics of the football and volleyball games. Later I will be able to work with the basketball (men and women) and softball games, as well as the Drake Relays.

School Update

Upon returning to school I resumed my work with rebuilding Phi Alpha Theta, continuing my work as co-president. I have also resumed my work as publicity chair for the honors council. As stated above I am taking a full 18 credit load. So far it hasn’t been so bad and I’ve been able to get ahead on my workload due to having syllabuses. As the semester progresses we’ll see how that goes. The classes I have looked forward to most and I feel like I am having the most progress in my skills are IS 145: Website Technology, Hist 194: Women’s History through Film, J 63: Video for Journalist and J 67: Digital Photography. I know that this is over half of my classes but I have to say I am very happy with what I took this semester. I look forward to updating everyone with what I will be taking next semester.


Life has been hectic but exciting and I cannot complain so far. One can look forward to plenty of photos and video from my classes. If one wants to check out what I have done so far, for J 63: video for journalist, one can click here and for IS 145: website technology, one can click here.

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