HNN Internship Week 17 – Final

The End

When I started this back in January I didn’t quite realize it would go by so fast.

This was my last week with the History News Network as a Social Media Intern.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first internship. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about how social media really affects a brand and how social media can them be utilized to connect with an audience. When I took Digital Media Strategies at Drake University I understood that all of this was important and would have an impact but it is such a different experience learning something and actually doing it. It made me realize just what a difference an internship can make in the experience you gain.

Tweet Update

Well, this week was not my best but not my worst – my tweets can be viewed here.

Best Impressions Tweet

Best Impressions

Best Engagements Tweet

Best Engagements













My Thoughts

At the time Canada was in the news that day. To say that these tweets did well at least in part due to the news cycle would be correct. The rest could be up to whom I tagged and what hashtags I used. The Tsar tweet actually surprised me a bit. Normally these theater reviews on HNN get some traffic but they usually are do not make it up in my top tweets for the week. However, when looking back at it I believe it might have something to do with the resurgence of the animated film Anastasia, the fact that it is a broadway musical, and Russia was covertly in the news by way of the Michael Flynn incident.

To pay attention to or Trends

Some trends I have identified (with access only to my data).

  1. Tweets do well all day on Sundays.
  2. Tweets tend to do well during the ‘break’ times in the day. When people are first getting up, when they eat lunch and when people are getting off of work. So, 7-9am, 11-1pm and 4-6pm. That is pretty standard in most of the media industry. However it is still a good thing to note.
  3.  Hashtags are a very important thing on Twitter and getting the right hashtag with the story has the potential to make it big. So the best hashtags for HNN to use – Trump, War, Twitterstorians, and what is trending on twitter with reason.
  4. A tweet can do extremely well if there something going on in the news. And in the social media business, one has to pay attention to the news. This is how I decided what tweets to tweet on specific days and they more often than not they did better than other tweets on the day.


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