J 63 – Video for Journalist

This was made using Adobe Premiere Pro and it’s intended use was for the live production final of the class. It was selected for use and showed early on in the program. I have all of my J 63 videos on their specific page. But I was most proud of this one and wanted to make sure it was seen.

Lincoln Saltdogs

This was made using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for the intended use of the Lincoln Saltdogs. Unfortunately, due to the timing, it was not used in the 2017 season. However, my boss kept the files for use during future seasons.


Drake Relays 2017

This video was produced by Sarah Beth Coleman with me as acting assistant


This video was produced by me with footage shot by Samantha Ohlson


Adobe Make the Cut editing contest submission

All footage and audio belongs to its original creators I just cut it to make this music video.



Student work – Drake University